Manchester United

Manchester United

Monday, April 12, 2010

theatre of introduction

First of all..this is my first attempt to be a blogger...Well,the idea to create this came because i do have plenty of opinions towards my favourite team football,Manchester united....And lately,they are not in good position and condition to become the champions...There are several analysis that can be made why Manchester united is struggling to become the champs in this 2009/2010 season...your opinion and thoughts are needed so that we can share our opinion as the fan of Manchester united..

And i start first with my analysis on Manchester united vs Blackburn Rovers at Ewood Park on 11 April 2010. On the first half,United show great possesion and great build up play.Nani and Valencia play well at the wing to provide chance for the goal but it is still not enough to get a goal.Unluckily, Valencia should score when there is a very clear chance but he failed to convert that oppurtunity. Honestly,i don't blame Valencia because he is the winger and not the striker and missing the chance is something usual in football.Great build up actually in this game but no finisher.Macheda did not do well yesterday and Berbatov still does not prove that he can take Rooney's role as goalscorer for red devils.Poor volley and wild shot from him at the late of second half has frustrated me too much.I admit that he is a good player which has the intelligent and can assist sometimes but it is not the type of striker we want.Remember Van Nistelrooy,he once was a goal machine for united and that is the striker that really suit for Manchester United.We had Ronaldo and Tevez last season but now we only can rely on Rooney.In Bayern Munich clash at Old Trafford,even though that Rooney is injured,he was still involved in the goal for Man utd.Look when he was absent,it seems like Utd do not have striker at all.We should win last yesterday match because we had the build up,creating chances but lack of finishing cost us that 3 points..

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